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Get The Answers You Need To Your Divorce Questions

Divorce is a time of major upheaval and uncertainty. Right now, what you need is knowledge and stability. Greco Law can offer you the knowledge you need and aggressive representation grounded in experience.

Below are answers to some of the most common questions our attorneys hear. For personalized legal counsel, schedule your first appointment at our Columbus office.

What are the grounds for filing for divorce in Ohio?

There are many reasons to file for divorce, and if you and your ex agree to divorce, you can do so simply by stating that you are no longer compatible. Otherwise, you may choose to file based on many grounds including separation, abuse, substance abuse and more.

Do Ohio family law judges take fault into account during divorce proceedings?

Ohio is what is considered a “no-fault state.” Because you do not need to demonstrate fault in divorce, the courts do not need to consider fault in proceedings. However, this does not mean that certain actions surrounding some of the grounds of divorce in Ohio are not important. Certain facts can go to support the allocation of custody, child or spousal support in a final order.

When is spousal support awarded in an Ohio divorce?

In Ohio, spousal support and alimony payments consider many factors. Support orders consider the length of the marriage, ability to work, health and assets in addition to many other factors. For personalized estimates and explanations, call our office at 614-963-9154.

Can I file for divorce in Ohio if my spouse lives in another state?

Yes. As long as one spouse is a resident of Ohio and has lived in the state for over six months, you can file for divorce.

When can I modify my support order?

The courts consider modifications whenever a change in circumstances occurs. If you moved, changed jobs or have a new spouse (or if any of these applies to your ex) you can apply for a modification.

How is child support calculated in Ohio?

Ohio spousal support payments depend entirely on the family. This means that the courts consider each parent’s ability to provide for the child, the child’s needs and the totality of the circumstances to calculate a support order. To find out more about what you can expect, call 614-963-9154.

How will my prenuptial agreement impact divorce proceedings?

Most prenuptial agreements pertain to property division and financial issues. Throughout the course of your divorce proceedings, your attorney will review your agreement and help you determine how it impacts specific aspects of your divorce.