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Tony 0411141501aSince 1993, Anthony W. Greco has focused his practice in the area of Family Law Litigation and Business Litigation. This unique background contributes to the firm’s successful representation of clients throughout Columbus and the Central Ohio area. Anthony Greco has extensive experience in aggressively representing clients in high asset divorce cases and high conflict custody cases. Attorney Greco also has experience with cases involving business interests, closely held corporations, medical practices, surgery centers and legal practices.

Choosing the Right Attorney

The first major step in achieving your goals in any legal matter is choosing the right attorney. When choosing an attorney for your family law matter, it is important to consider if the firm has the relevant legal experience to handle your case. While our law firm is lead by Anthony W. Greco, there are 5 additional associate attorneys, as well as trained office staff, to address your needs thoroughly and in a timely manner.

The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco provides each client with professional, aggressive and practical representation. Every case is different, and Attorney Greco’s team will address each client’s unique concerns and goals.

As Columbus divorce attorneys, Anthony W. Greco and his 5 associate attorneys have a “results oriented” approach to all types of family law cases. Attorney Greco’s team has experience in handling cases involving high conflict, high asset divorce, and high income spousal support. Attorney Greco’s team also has experience in conducting the meaningful settlement negotiations involved in any dissolution, divorce or parental rights dispute. In cases where a settlement can not be reached, Attorney Greco’s team is prepared to fight for you. Anthony W. Greco has aggressively conducted contested trials for more than 25 years throughout central Ohio.

Dedication and Commitment

The key to our success is our dedication and commitment to providing experienced, personalized attention to our client’s needs. We have consistently been able to achieve the most favorable results for our clients, while keeping them educated, informed and involved in their case as it progresses. We pride ourselves on being responsive and sensitive to our client’s concerns and we work to deliver prompt, practical advice that our clients can understand.

The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco is available to our clients when they need us, even if an issue arises outside of normal business hours. We tailor our representation to each client’s specific needs and concerns, “thinking outside of the box” when necessary. The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco gives individualized, personal attention to each and every case, as reflected in our client policies:

  • attorneys promptly return phone calls and emails;
  • clients are provided with case updates and explanations involving any new developments in their case;
  • clients receive email copies of all court documents, correspondence between our office and opposing counsel, as well as all documents that we receive via subpoena or other discovery request;
  • attorneys keep their clients involved in their case from start to finish; and
  • our office provides clients with the personal cell phone number of the attorneys working on their case.

We guide our clients through their divorce or custody cases by explaining all of their alternatives, strategies, and legal options. From the most aggressive litigation to the smallest negotiation, we pride ourselves on providing personalized attention to each client’s goals.

Family Law Expert Witnesses & Associated Specialists

For more than 25 years, as a Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney, Anthony W. Greco has developed outstanding relationships with a number of leading specialists in the family law related field. Our firm has developed an excellent network of experts who are extremely respected and experienced in their field of expertise. These experts provide persuasive and insightful testimony in their specialized area, and can be the deciding factor in highly complicated and contentious litigation.

These experts are a critical piece of presenting a strong case when issues are contentious and complicated. Attorney Greco’s team utilizes these experts to conduct:

  • pension and retirement account valuations,
  • forensic accounting to discovery financial misconduct and find missing money,
  • business valuations for purposes of property division,
  • appraisals of real estate and personal property,
  • forensic psychological and custody evaluations,
  • vocational evaluations for unemployed or underemployed individuals,
  • forensic evaluation of electronics, computers, and cell phones,
  • and forensic evaluation of cell tower tracking and location data.

In addition, Attorney Greco also has close relationships with private investigators who operate in the field to gather information for trial, or to negotiate a favorable settlement for our clients. It is our experience that these experts are necessary when it comes to cases involving self-employment, complicated financial or personal issues, particularly in high asset divorce cases or complicated custody cases.

What to Expect When Hiring Our Office

The first appointment is a free consultation.  Once you decide to hire our office to represent you, you are charged a retainer fee. Our office sets its retainer amount after we discuss and determine the legal issues, legal strategy and anticipated litigation costs which are necessary to address your concerns and goals for the case.  If the entire retainer is not expended by the end of your case, the unearned portion is refundable.

As to the issue of legal fees and costs, virtually all legal fees are based upon the expenditure of time spent on your case.  The total cost of a case is based upon the amount of time spent on your case, coupled with the direct expenses. These direct expenses include court filing fees, expert witness fees and deposition costs. You can also expect to receive an itemized bill, on a monthly basis, which will detail all of the time expended on your case, as well as all of the expenses incurred on your behalf.

Once we determine your case strategy, we identify what documents and other information that are necessary to go forward with filing the appropriate documents with the Court.  While you do not need to bring any documents with you to the initial consultation, if you have specific questions involving a prior court order, it is helpful to have that order on hand.

Going through a divorce or custody battle is stressful, complicated, and expensive. With the Law Office of Anthony W. Greco on your side, you can expect fast results, an extensive support network, and a high quality product. Give us a call today to set up your initial consultation and see what sets us apart from other law firms.

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