Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney & Child Custody Lawyer

Tony 0411141501aSince 1993, Anthony W. Greco has focused his practice in the area of Family Law Litigation (Divorce, Child Support, Spousal Support and Child Custody) and Business Litigation. This unique background has contributed to the firm’s successful representation of Clients throughout Columbus and the Central Ohio area for more than 23 years. Anthony Greco has extensive experience in aggressively representing Clients in high asset Divorce cases, high conflict cases, high asset cases, as well as cases which involves ownership of business interests including family businesses, closely held corporations, medical practices and legal practices.

When choosing an attorney for your divorce, custody or family law matter, it is important to consider if the firm has the “horsepower” to handle your divorce. While our law firm is lead by Anthony W. Greco, it is also staffed by 5 additional associate attorneys, as well as trained office staff, so that your needs are addressed thoroughly and in a timely manner. As Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorneys, Anthony W. Greco and his 5 associate attorneys have a “results oriented” approach to all types of family law cases involving Child Custody, Child Support and Spousal Support cases, all while being able to conduct meaningful settlement negotiations involved in the breakup of any marriage or parental rights dispute.  In cases where a settlement can not be reached, Anthony W. Greco has aggressively conducted contested trials for more than 23 years throughout central Ohio, as well as the entire state of Ohio.

Choosing the Right Attorney

The first major step in achieving your goals in any legal matter involving Divorce, Child Custody, Spousal Support or any other family law matter, is to choose the right attorney. The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco is committed to providing each and every Client with professional, aggressive and practical representation, while being sensitive to the Client’s unique concerns and goals. With more than 23 years of experience as a Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney and Child Custody Lawyer, our “results driven” firm is equipped with 6 attorneys and an experienced support staff who have the experience and attitude necessary to deal with each and every issue involved in Divorce, Dissolution, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Grandparent Custody or Visitation, as well as all other legal matters involved in any Family Law case. From the financially complex, “high asset” cases, to the very contentious Child Custody case where an aggressive approach is required, to the case where the other side is very good at hiding assets or other deceptive tactics, The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco is prepared to aggressively defend and thoughtfully represent our Clients’ and their concerns and interests, against the most combative opposition, from the first day of representation through trial and beyond.

Dedication and Commitment

Our dedication and commitment to providing experienced, personalized attention to our Client’s needs, while educating them on all the legal issues involved in their case, has been the key to our success in consistently achieving the most favorable results for our Clients. We know that there is nothing more frustrating to a Client than not being able to get in touch with his or her lawyer when there are unanswered questions or an emergency situation.  We pride ourselves on being responsive and sensitive to our Client’s concerns, while we work hard to deliver prompt, practical advice that our Clients can understand. The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco is committed to being available to our Clients when they need us, by making our attorneys available to our Clients, even when an issue arises before or after normal business hours.  In contrast to the “standard form” or formula-based approach some domestic law firms employ, we adapt and tailor our representation to each Client’s unique issues and specific concerns, “thinking outside of the box” when necessary, to achieve our Client’s particular goals. The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco is dedicated to giving individualized, personal attention to each and every case, as reflected in our Client policies:

  • Phone calls and emails are promptly returned, generally the same business day.
  • Clients receive prompt case updates and explanations involving any new developments in their case.
  • Clients receive email copies of all court documents, correspondence between our office and opposing counsel, as well as all source documents that we receive in response to our subpoena and discovery requests.
  • Clients remain completely involved in their case from start to finish.  As a Columbus Ohio divorce attorney and child custody lawyer, I understand that it is the Client who is living through the disruption and pain of their divorce or custody case, and often times our Client’s need legal advice at times other than “normal business hours”. To make sure our attorneys are available to our Clients, our office provides the personal cell phone number of the attorneys who are working on their case, so that they can reach us when they need to, regardless of the day or time.
  • We guide our Clients through their divorce or custody cases by fully explaining to the them, all of the available alternatives, strategies and legal options. From the most aggressive “scorched earth” litigation approach to the “negotiated settlement” prior to filing approach, at the Law Office of Anthony W. Greco, we pride ourselves on the personalized attention to the specific needs and goals of each of our Client’s unique situations.

Family Law Expert Witnesses & Associated Specialists

For more than 23 years, as a Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney, Anthony W. Greco has developed outstanding relationships with numerous leading specialists in family law related fields which are critical in presenting a strong case where the issues are contentious and complicated.  Some of the areas where experts by are utilized include pension and retirement evaluation experts, forensic accountants, real estate and personal property appraisers, private investigators, business valuation experts, Guardians Ad Litem’s and family and child psychologists. By working closely with these experts, our firm has developed an excellent network of experts who are extremely respected and experienced in their field of expertise, and are used to testifying in court in a way that will be both persuasive and insightful.  As a Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney and Child Custody Lawyer, it is our experience that the use of experts in contentious or complicated cases is both beneficial and necessary to our Clients when addressing self-employment, complicated or “out of the ordinary” financial and personal issues, particularly in high asset divorces or complicated custody cases.

Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney and Child Custody Lawyer Experience

Since 1993 Anthony W. Greco has accumulated extensive experience in representing Clients throughout the Central Ohio area, as well as throughout the entire state of Ohio.  While some attorney’s spend their entire career practicing in only a few counties, as a Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney and Child Custody Lawyer, Anthony Greco has successfully represented Clients throughout central Ohio including but not limited to, Union County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, Madison County, Marion County, Muskingum County, Pickaway County, Logan County and Licking County.  In addition, as an aggressive Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney and Child Custody Lawyer, Anthony W. Greco has represented clients in many other counties throughout the state of Ohio, particularly when a Client wants an “out of town”, experienced divorce and custody attorney.   It is not unusual for some Clients to seek out and retain a Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney and Child Custody Lawyer where more complex issues need to be litigated.  Despite Anthony Greco being a Columbus Ohio Divorce attorney, he has experience in counties all over the state, including but not limited to: Athens County, Darke County, Fayette County, Montgomery County and Richland County.  If you are in need of a Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney and Child Custody Attorney, contact our office to set up your initial consultation.

What to Expect When Hiring Our Office

The first appointment is a free consultation.  Once you decide to hire our office to represent you, you will be charged a retainer fee.  A retainer fee is an advance payment  for the future anticipated legal fees and costs, paid by the Client at the time our firm is hired, to be applied to the legal fees and expenses incurred and expended on your case as the matter proceeds forward in Court.  Our office sets its retainer amount after we discuss and determine the legal issues, legal strategy and anticipated litigation costs which are necessary to address your concerns and goals for the case.  If the entire retainer is not expended by the end of your case, the unearned portion is refundable.

As to the issue of legal fees and costs, virtually all legal fees are based upon the expenditure of time spent on your case.  The total cost of a case is based upon the amount of time spent on your case, coupled with the “out of pocket” or direct expenses, such as, court filing fees, expert witness fees and deposition costs.  Not all cases have all of these”out of pocket” expenses, however, depending upon the type of case, it is very common for most cases to have some type of “out of pocket” expenses.  You can also expect to receive an itemized bill, on a monthly basis, which will detail all of the time expended on your case, as well as all of the expenses incurred on your behalf.

Once we determine your case strategy, we will identify what documents and other information we will want you to compile for us to move forward in preparing the appropriate Court pleadings.  While you do not need to bring any documents with you to the initial consultation, if you have specific questions involving a prior court Order, bringing the prior Order with you will be helpful.

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Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorney and Child Custody Lawyer
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  • jensey carter
    jensey carter
    13:55 02 Feb 18
    Tony and his entire staff are phenomenal! Tony has gone above and beyond for my case, on multiple occasions. Not only is he an amazing attorney, he's an amazing person. During the most difficult time of my life, he fought for what was right and was ALWAYS there to answer my questions, explain things and even calm me down at times. I have, and will continue to, recommend Tony and his staff at every opportunity. I can't say enough good things about him! 8 Months after my last review, the custody case that Tony and Lisa have been fighting with me is coming to a close. And same as before, I can't say enough good things about Tony and Lisa. They are amazing, supportive, knowledgeable and so much more! Having the two of them by my side through all of this has truly been a blessing!
    The Journey's
    The Journey's
    04:29 18 Mar 18
    We cannot rate Anthony Greco high enough. 5 stars does not begin to describe what you get when you hire the best, which is Tony! He continuously went after the truth, represented the truth in my case and after a 3-year-long custody and divorce battle, I won full custody of my son and received everything I wanted in the divorce. Both Tony and Lisa are superb lawyers who will fight for justice on your behalf. Tony is a pit bull in court and is impressive under pressure in the court room. We always felt that we had a strong team working for us and had our best interest and the interest of the child always. Tony is a fantastic person as much as attorney. When the stakes get high and highly emotional, he has a way of calming you down and also encouraging you. He's straight to the point, doesn't mix words and gets the job done. If you want someone who will swing for the fences when the going gets tough and won't quit fighting for you, Anthony Greco is your man! We look forward to continuing our relationship if/when something should arise where we need the best!
    B H
    B H
    17:58 26 Jan 18
    I can not say enough about how great my experience with this firm. Lisa specifically was very involved with my case and helped to put me in the best possible situation to have the best possible outcome. Anthony was always accessible as well, and I felt like I had a team behind me. By closely working with them and following their advice, I ended up getting the exact outcome in which I hoped for in the very beginning. My experience with them was night and day compared to the firm I dealt with years ago.Brett
    George Edmonds
    George Edmonds
    13:10 17 Apr 18
    Anthony Greco and Aaron Kenter are the most professional, hard working, hard fighting, take-no-prisoners attorneys I have had the honor to represent me. I came to Tony Greco desperately needing help with my child custody case. My previous attorney screwed my case up something horrible. My previous attorney was weak, and not very experienced with contested custody cases, or tough opposing lawyers and magistrates. However, my previous attorney was a very, very nice guy..the HELL with that!!!!! I needed a lawyer who was smart, fearless, knowledgeable and experienced with the heart of a tiger shark! Anthony Greco and Aaron Kenter are textbook definitions of phenomenal, dedicated attorneys who get the job done! Because of these two gentlemen... They won my case, I have my son, I have peace of mind. and they taught my ex a lesson she will never forget! If you ever need lawyers who will fight like hell on your side, make you laugh when you think there is no hope in the world of you winning, and have a long proven track record of winning tough cases... look no further then the law firm of Anthony Greco! I cannot begin to thank them enough for what they have done for me and my son!
    Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor
    22:42 02 Jan 18
    I met Tony and his team a year into a very ugly child custody dispute. I hadn’t been aloud to see my daughter due to her Mother making baseless allegations because she had a personal axe to grind for over a year at that time. The courts had done very little in spite of me jumping through every hoop they asked while paying an attorney for little or no results and my situation seemed grim. Tony immediately and aggressively litigated my case and my situation progressively improved from the day we met. Ultimately, Tony was able to negotiate through relentless action for my ideal outcome. I can’t thank Tony and his staff enough for getting back my daughter. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone going through a difficult and/or complex custody dispute.
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