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Uncovering Hidden Assets In Divorce

Divorce can be revelatory, particularly when it comes to finances. Suddenly, after years of trusting someone implicitly, you may realize that they have been keeping you in the dark about their feelings, their actions and your own assets.

At Greco Law, we put a stop to hidden assets and other deceptive financial practices, so that you have a truly fair divorce settlement. Our diligent family law attorneys are attentive to your needs and vigilant about your rights. Today is the day to give yourself what you really deserve. Call our Columbus team at 614-963-9154.

How We Uncover Hidden Assets During Property Division

If you notice that your spouse consistently takes out cash from your accounts, that there are discrepancies in your bills or that “business investments” never seem to come to fruition, your ex may be hiding valuable assets from you.

Proper evaluation of all your marital assets is the only way to ensure you have a fair and equitable settlement. Hidden assets can obscure the numbers, leaving you with far less than you deserve and struggling to make ends meet later on. We work with forensic accountants and other experts to put a stop to deceptive financial practices and make sure you get the full amount to which you are entitled.

The Secrets Stop Here

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience working with some of Ohio’s most contentious and high-asset divorce cases. We have seen the wild and outrageous tactics some spouses use to conceal valuable assets and money from their spouse, including how they hide money abroad. Let us get to work.