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Divorce And Dissolution – An Aggressive Ally For A Difficult Process

Divorce is emotionally and financially draining. Having a skilled advocate can help you effectively navigate the process, avoid unnecessary complications and reach reasonable resolutions to your concerns. If you are making the choice to divorce or move forward with the process of dissolving your marriage, our team at Greco Law can help you.

In a divorce, one spouse will file a legal complaint that lists at least one of the valid grounds for divorce in Ohio. In a dissolution, both spouses file a petition to terminate the marriage and have agreements on all issues. Our team can help you understand which process is right for you and help you move forward. No matter the details of your individual situation, we will help you pursue a strong and stable future.

Custom-Tailored Results

Every situation is different, which is why we are committed to helping our clients secure results that uniquely suit their individual needs and concerns. We will work diligently to help you understand your options regarding spousal support, property division and more. Our goal is to protect your best interests and strongly advocate for you in all matters related to your divorce or dissolution, including:

In dissolution, we can help you navigate and negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement and then file the necessary paperwork with the court. In a divorce, we will represent your interests, whether that is in the courtroom or around the negotiating table. Not all divorces end up going to trial, but we have significant experience in the courtroom. Complex cases do not intimidate us.

Learn About Your Options Today

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