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What To Do When Your Ex Is Not Complying With Your Divorce Orders

Maybe your ex-spouse is refusing to pay your spousal support or keeps failing to pick up your child. Whatever issue you have with court order violations and other compliance failures, you should know that there are legal means to hold your ex accountable after your initial divorce filings are complete.

If you believe it is time to use legal means to enforce your rights and orders, it is time to reach out to an experienced family law lawyer. Greco Law attorneys are vigilant and forceful. You can reach us today by sending us an email or by calling our office here in Columbus at 614-963-9154.

What The Courts Say Goes

It is unacceptable to defy the court’s orders; unless your ex obtains a modification, they must follow all terms of their custody and support orders. This means:

  • Staying current on both spousal support and child support payments
  • Picking up your child from designated activities on time
  • Caring for your child on their parenting days
  • Following any protocols you have in place in the case of an emergency or cancellation

If a person fails to comply with enforcement measures, the court has the option to hold the violator in contempt of the court. This means the court can take measures like sanctioning them, issuing warrants or garnishing wages. The court even has the power to seize assets like homes and cars in certain extreme situations.

Hold Your Ex Accountable

Filing for enforcement of an order may seem like an extreme measure. Our attorneys will guide you through all of your legal options and support you as you pursue fair treatment. For responsive, responsible and rigorous representation, call Greco Law at 614-963-9154 today.