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A Fierce Ally For The Appellate Process

If you wish to appeal the outcome of either a civil or a criminal case, Greco Law in Columbus can serve as an experienced and knowledgeable resource for you. The appellate process is complex, but with the help of our attorneys, it may be possible to secure a positive outcome for your efforts.

Our team has admittance to try cases before all Ohio state courts and has extensive experience presenting appellate arguments in the Court of Appeals. We know what it takes to present a successful appellate argument, and we leverage our experience, knowledge of the law and tenacious commitment to justice for each of our clients.

What Should You Know About Appeals?

Time matters. You only have a small window of time to file a Notice of Appeal with the proper court after your final trial court decision has been filed. Once that deadline has expired, it is very difficult to have your appeal accepted by the court.

A conviction is not necessarily the last step for you. In some cases, it is appropriate to appeal the outcome of the case, ultimately overturning the conviction or securing a new sentence. You may have grounds to appeal your criminal case if there is evidence that mistakes in the criminal justice process affected the judge’s or jury’s decision.

In civil cases, it may be appropriate for one party to appeal the outcome of the case. If there were mistakes in the process, if the other party lied about key information or if other missteps affected the outcome to your detriment, an appeal may be necessary. We can help you take the appropriate steps to request that an appellate court review your case.

Discover Your Legal Options

An appeal is not necessarily the right choice for every person who is unhappy with the final outcome of his or her case. However, if this is the right choice for you, Greco Law can serve as the aggressive advocate you need to effectively navigate this process. Contact our office by email or by calling 614-963-9154. We offer initial consultations. We assist clients in Columbus and central Ohio.