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If Your Ex Is Cohabitating, You Can End Spousal Support

Spousal support is a huge burden for divorced persons across Ohio, leaving many struggling to pay their bills or frustrated by high payments. While you may believe that your spousal support is an inescapable chore, under certain circumstances – including cohabitation – you may be able to petition for relief or complete termination of your support order.

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How Cohabitation Impacts Spousal Support Orders

Throughout your initial spousal support discussions, you likely heard about how spousal support is meant to provide a level playing field for spouses as they adapt to life after divorce. This is why working capacity, number of children and other factors matter when determining payments. Cohabitation with another adult is a major life change and means that the courts could consider terminating payments.

Cohabitation is more than dating or having a roommate. It refers to sharing daily expenses and the financial support inherent when you live with a partner. As cohabitation became more prominent in our society, the courts began to recognize the major impact it has on the cohabitator’s finances. This means that the court could consider it grounds for termination. Many agreements build this into their terms, but, if not, a party could still petition for relief and termination, if the Court still holds jurisdiction over the matter of spousal support.

They Have Moved On. Now You Should Too.

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