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Client Reviews

Below are real client reviews, given by just some of the many clients we have helped. Read any of these client reviews to see what sets us apart from so many other law firms.

If someone is not happy with Mr. Greco’s services, it’s definitely someone who was on the receiving end of his fine work. Mr. Greco has assisted me for almost 8 years now with a very uncivilized divorce and custody battle. He has not only offered sound legal advice and been the voice of reason in what was the most traumatic event in my life, but he was motivational and inspirational through the entire process. He won’t play in the gutter, he goes after the facts and sometimes those don’t look good for the opposition. I have used Mr. Greco for my business, and for other personal legal matters and have been sincerely impressed with not only his professionalism but also the wisdom and dedication his entire staff has provided.
~ Steve M.

A Must-Have Attorney. I can not say enough great things about Anthony Greco. I hired him for my daughter and he was wonderful. He kept us informed about what was going on. I hired him after my daughter’s case was lost by a very incompetent attorney who was in over his head and Mr. Greco took the case to the appeals court and we won. I highly recommend him.
~ Joyce R

There are so many things I want to thank you for! For fighting for me and my little girl. For being there to answer my questions and calm me down (no matter what time it was). For not letting me give up when I felt defeated … for reminding me that I am a good Mom. For being a huge source of strength for me and for making me laugh through all of this! I truly believe that I couldn’t have gotten through this or put that [donkey] in his place, without you! I truly think you are an extraordinary attorney and an amazing person. Thank you for helping me get what’s best for my little girl! I will be forever grateful!
~Jensey C.

I was very pleased with Attorney Greco and highly recommend him! I hired him for child custody against my ex-girlfriend and with his expertise, we won full custody. At first, I was skeptical because it’s hard to win against the mother of a child and I thought about settling. But he was confident about winning the case and talked me out of settling. He is very caring, trusting, and kept me informed on the plan. He and his associates were available anytime I needed to talk. He is the best lawyer I ever had and wish I knew about him for previous legal issues. In the future, if I need a lawyer it will be Anthony Greco! He is the best!!!!!
~John H. (Child Custody)

Tony was my attorney for a divorce case between July 2011 through January 2013. From my very first appointment with him, I felt valued as a client and in trusted hands.

Tony was responsive and very knowledgeable about the process, how the judges liked to work and what was likely to happen as we worked our way through the case. The TRUTH was always center stage with Tony and that was so important to me. I always felt prepared for what was going to happen, especially going to court which was very stressful.

Tony knew just how to present issues to me in a logical, down-to-earth manner which was what I needed. I always felt that my best interests were being represented even when I wanted to cave just to get it over with. In the end, I could not have asked for a better settlement and I am thankful every day that I listened to his advice and persevered.

Everyone I encountered in Tony’s office is kind, respectful and certainly empathetic to the emotional roller coaster that comes with a contested divorce. I would HIGHLY recommend Tony Greco and his staff for any family law issues. One difference between Tony and others that I interviewed is that he cares about his clients and truly wants to help them.
~Divorce Client

Very sharp attorney. Nicole was very professional always returned calls timely. Tony has one goal and that is to get what you deserve! He’s honest and will tell you right up front what the process will be. Patience is my weak point and Tony always reminded me it would be worth the wait and it was. (Scorned wife in divorce) Tony and Nicole were the best!
~Shawn K.

I am a single never married father with full custody of my beautiful 4 year old daughter. She is flourishing in her present environment and is protected via court order from the previous negative influences on her life. (Representing father in child custody), 2 x customer of the firms services. P.S. thanks Tony/Lisa and G.A.L. Janice M. Flowers, Nuvea and I are eternally grateful.
~George G. B. III Custodial Father

Nicole was very friendly and informative. My last attorney was very rude and only cared about her money. (Child support and contempt)
~Vicki S.

Filing for the divorce that I knew was inevitable and the ensuing battle that occurred soon thereafter was without a doubt THE most stressful event that I have experienced in my lifetime. My ex-spouse refused to leave our house while the case was ongoing so after each court appearance, we would come home to the same house. There were a few times that I did not think I would survive another court appearance or settlement conference. It seemed easier to give up. I could not have asked for better legal representation (or counseling sometimes!) both in Tony and Lisa. I knew each was working hard in my best interest and my settlement was as fair as it could be. In the 18 months since the settlement was reached, there have been no issues or problems. THANK YOU! (Representing wife in divorce)
~Lori P.

Finally, I was divorced. During my divorce process, I recognized that the Anthony Greco team has good experience in divorce legal matters which was applied to my case. (Representing husband divorce)

My husband and I felt it necessary to hire new counsel to deal with the termination of his spousal support due to cohabitation. We were referred to Greco Law and after meeting with Tony and Lisa we knew it was the team to represent us … motivated, detail-oriented, available when needed … I highly recommend …
~Jennifer & Bryan H.

Mr. Greco is very dedicated to his job and he cares about your situation. I was lucky enough to find him and thank god he was on my side.
~Jeremy P.

I recommend Anthony Greco. I hired Anthony 1-3 years ago. Anthony handled my Divorce / Separation matter. I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers. Any attorney is going to be expensive and when you get done with your case and look back at all of the money you spent you feel a little unhappy about things. But, once Anthony went through and added up all of the money I could have had to pay my X-wife I started to feel a lot better about what I had spent. I couldn’t believe what he had saved me. He did a great job in my case and I am very happy with the outcome!
~Michael S.

We love Tony, Lisa & the rest of the staff. They have been amazing considering who the other side is and how difficult she is to do anything with. Termination of spousal support & contempt.
~Brian H.

I was always in the loop and felt like I was in good hands. (Contract Dispute)
~ EA.

My ex-wife allowed her boyfriend to move in with her, six months after our divorce. A year later, I hired a Private Investigator, and after our collected evidence seemed to prove that he was living at her residence. I took a recommendation from the PI firm and met with Anthony (Tony) Greco.

After a few conversations with Tony, and some of my own investigation of him, I hired Tony to represent me in a Spousal Support / Alimony Reversal, due to the Co-Habitation case. All the research showed that these cases are very hard to prove and that most courts do not want to reverse them, without obviously clear evidence, such as a confession of co-habitation, which was unlikely. Tony had several wins already in this area, but it was still a high-risk case.

Tony’s method of securing financial and tax records and cross referencing both my ex-wife’s and her boyfriend’s records, by dates, times, locations and zip codes was incredible. When we went to trial, we proved that she had more money coming in than she could have legally claimed and he had a similar shortage of funds, proving the most critical component of cohabitation, namely financial comingling.

We lost our trial in local county court, but, with a very thorough appeal process, Tony was able to quickly submit the appeal to the Fifth District Court of Appeal’s and they quickly over-ruled the lower courts incorrect ruling, and reversed the Spousal Support / Alimony order, due to Co-Habitation. It was one of the largest such rulings in the State of Ohio. I highly recommend Tony in these matters.

Tony did an outstanding job for me and my children! I am the father and the custodial parent in our shared parenting agreement! Not an easy act in today’s world.

When I first met Tony, he pointed me to a family/marriage counselor. This alone says so much about him. He wanted to make sure that my marriage couldn’t be repaired through counseling and help before representing me legally. It’s not every day that you find an attorney that specializes in family law, that will begin by sending you somewhere to hopefully repair your marriage. I met with a few of the other top lawyers in town before seeing Tony, and can tell you first hand that most will want to play games or make arguments for divorce right out of the gate.

After about 6 months of counseling, it became apparent that my marriage was headed for divorce. I naturally went back to Tony and he guided me through a VERY difficult process. He was there for me as a friend for late-night and weekend calls to support me emotionally and to guide me through thoughtful actions when it’s easy to let your emotions get the best of you. He is the kind of attorney that gets to know you and will try to help you get what you want and what is in your best interest. He never forced his opinion and only acted when I asked. He was responsive, even at all hours.

Tony is well connected throughout the local legal system. He is tough and aggressive and will not back down. His counterparts around town respect him as a fair and honest attorney who fights hard for his clients, yet will negotiate when needed to save you time, money and emotional fatigue. It goes a long way in a legal battle to have an attorney that is this well known among his peers. I also believe that his expertise and knowledge saved me a lot of money in the long run. You don’t want to pay an attorney to make expensive, rookie mistakes.

Today, I consider Tony a friend. I have been divorced for four and a half years now and he still takes my calls and lends advice where he can. He is responsive and friendly; and jovial, upbeat and positive in nature. We even have lunch once in a while! I have sent many friends to Tony and he treats them the same way. I guess the fact that Tony has been through similar issues with co-parenting and the challenges represented, makes him an even more valuable confidant. I view him as someone strong in your corner to back you up and to come out swinging if you need him!

If you need a caring, understanding, professional, who knows how to get things done, Tony is your guy!

Continued thanks from me and my kids Tony! You’re the best!
~ Scott

After three years of trying to ‘negotiate’ a divorce with my husband, I finally decided I needed a strong willed attorney to deal with him. We had been ‘discussing’ divorce for three years but I finally realized he would not be reasonable or fair with me or our children since he really did not want to separate. It was difficult living with him through this time and especially after I filed for divorce. There were times it almost became unbearable but thanks to Tony and his staff, I made it through the darkness and my children and I have a beautiful life with more than I could have attained had I hired any other attorney. Tony fought for us and never backed down to the other attorney’s demands. There was a point when I thought I would give in and thanks to Tony’s counseling and support I eventually saw the light at the end of the tunnel and persevered. I can’t say enough about Tony’s tenacity and sensitivity to my needs. I owe him so much more than what it cost me in dollars to have a happy, peaceful life for me and my children. ~Michelle D.

If you’re looking for an excellent family law attorney, this is who you go to. Before my son was born I knew I wasn’t going to see him because while my ex-girlfriend was pregnant she told me herself that she wasn’t going to let me see him. So I had to get a lawyer ASAP!!! I went to a different lawyer before I went to Anthony Greco, and I passed him up because he just seemed a little iffy like he didn’t know what he was doing or something. Then one day my mom told me she finally found someone. She told me that she could just tell that this guy knew exactly what he was doing. She said that he told her everything that’s going to happen from the beginning to the end. That man was Anthony Greco. So then I scheduled an appointment with him. My first impression that I got out of Tony when I met him was just absolutely astonishing. Because I always thought of lawyers as these really uptight, and extremely serious people. Tony wiped that straight away from my mind. Tony is a very caring, funny, and very hard-working guy. When it comes to work, this guy is all about dedication. He gives you hope when you need it. He gives you light when you are lost and struggling in the dark. Tony is the most amazing guy I’ve ever met in my life. I also worked with Lisa Meier. This is a get-down to businesswoman. When I first met her and sat down and talked to her, I could tell just by her upbeat attitude that I was gonna win my case. She always gave me a call or emailed me as soon as she received any new updated information. She told me everything that was gonna happen, and when it was going to happen. She’s a very strong, kind, and hard-working woman and I am just glad to have had the time to meet her and have her serve as my lawyer. And I just wanted to thank you both again for helping me and giving me the strength that I needed to get my son into my life. That really meant a lot not only to me but my son and my family.
~ Tre Crawford

I highly recommend Anthony Greco as the attorney of choice. I had a complex case that involved almost one million dollars if I lost. I had two previous lawyers that had worked on my case for me. The first was a defeatist and provided incorrect guidance. The second was neither aggressive nor innovative. Both were highly recommended on various internet websites. I dismissed both after realizing I had inferior legal representation. My wife found Anthony’s website and after reviewing it we were both impressed enough to see if this third choice of an attorney would yield satisfactory results.

To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Anthony was aggressive, innovative and thoroughly versed in all legal aspects related to my case. He not only had a plan A but plans deeper in the alphabet if required. He listened to all my questions and suggestions and carefully guided me through the entire ordeal while making certain we had everything covered for any issues brought up by the plaintiff’s attorney. I was over 1500 miles away and I never thought the distance was an issue regarding communications. His upbeat attitude and optimism were of real benefit to me to stave off any negative thoughts. His courtroom manner was courteous, professional yet aggressive. I was relieved he was on my side as he would have terrified me if he was questioning me! The staff helping Anthony were of tremendous help and they made sure no legal aspects were overlooked or not brought into play. At no time did I feel Anthony was not 100 percent prepared for court. I was also impressed by how quickly he could think on his feet when certain issues arose. He was never taken by surprise and made certain I was completely prepared for court. When you pay for the best you expect to get the best. I got the best when I selected Anthony for my case. I plan to use him again for another pending issue in the very near future.
~ Bruce B.

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