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Are You Or Your Ex Moving Across State Lines? Your Custody Agreement Needs To Change.

An increasingly global world means increasingly mobile families. While you and your ex may have begun coparenting together in Ohio, family or work demands may require one of you to live out of state. This can put pressure on your parenting relationship and cause uncertainty for your child. But appropriate planning can mean you retain your parental rights, preserve your parent-child relationships and reduce stress for all involved.

At Greco Law, our firm has assisted many families through interstate custody proceedings. We get to the heart of the issue and do not back down from preserving your rights. Call us at 614-963-9154.

Facing Your Custody Challenges Head-On

Our extensive professional resources and highly experienced attorneys are prepared to support you and advocate relentlessly for your family. Our attorneys bring much-needed clarity to your case around child custody issues such as:

  • What accommodations does each parent need to make parenting schedules viable?
  • How should parents negotiate issues like holidays and school vacations?
  • What transportation arrangements will you need to make for your children?
  • How will you accommodate schooling, health care and extracurricular obligations?
  • What should happen in the case of an emergency?

Different states will have different answers to these questions, but we help advocate for the path that works best for you and your family. You do not need to make unnecessary concessions later if you make wise, proactive decisions today.

Make Sure Your Children Come First When Emotions Run High

At Greco Law, we manage cases of all types, including high-conflict custody disputes. We can guide you through the legal process and stand strong for your rights as a parent. Email our office today to schedule an initial meeting.