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Marriage and divorce impacted by social media

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Divorce |

Social media is playing an increasing role in people’s lives, and marriage is no exception. In fact, according to researchers, social media is contributing to divorce, and it is also making divorce a bit more complicated compared with years past. Here is a look at how social media is impacting marital unions and marital dissolution cases across the United States, including in Ohio.

Researchers recently said that social media is negatively impacting marriages by creating unhealthy distractions. The more time that people spend on social media, the less likely they are to focus on activities that could help their marriages to remain strong. In some marriages, smart phone use has actually become a major source of conflict.

When two people do decide to get divorced, social media can rear its ugly head again when it comes to tackling matters such as alimony. For instance, if people use social media to display their spending habits — for instance, the purchase of a new car — this can have an adverse impact on their financial obligations when alimony is being considered. A single Facebook post can leave a negative impression that a future ex-spouse may use against the other in divorce proceedings.

Divorce can no doubt be complex and intimidating for any married couple in Ohio. However, if the two parties are willing to find common ground on matters such as property division, they may be able to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution through negotiation rather than having to go to divorce trial. Of course, not all matters can be resolved outside of court, in which case, an attorney will be prepared to litigate these matters with the goal of helping the client to attain a personally favorable outcome.