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Many women avoiding divorce due to financial fears

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | Divorce |

According to research, many women in Ohio and elsewhere decide to stay in unfulfilling marriages due to the desire to remain financially stable. For this reason, many women stay in dysfunctional or unhealthy marriages rather than moving forward with marital dissolution. This is especially true for mothers, as the cost of rearing children continues to rise.

Researchers recently reported that 52% of males and 65% of females have admitted to being stressed about money. This shows that money remains a major stressor for most people in the United States in general.  However, women appear to be more worried about their financial situations than men are.

When it comes to children, statistics show that rearing a child costs an average of more than $230,000 between the child’s birth to his or her 17th birthday. College education costs are not included in this figure. In addition, childcare expenses can be hefty in homes where both parents work, which is why many women decide to stay home while their spouses work. However, if they end up getting divorced, they have no choice but to return to the workforce. Unfortunately, in this situation, the years they spent not working can have a negative impact on their earning potential.

Still, divorce cannot be avoided sometimes if two spouses have differences they simply cannot reconcile. The best scenario in this case is for the two individuals to try to resolve divorce issues, like property division and child custody, outside of court, as this can be a lot less stressful and less costly than going to trial. An attorney can provide a divorcing individual with the guidance needed to pursue a comprehensive, fair and personally satisfactory outcome with the other party in Ohio.