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Divorce and dissolution can impact work life

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Divorce |

Keeping a marital breakup situation separate from one’s professional life can be difficult to achieve. As an example, it may not be possible to avoid making an important divorce decision during the workday. However, those experiencing divorce and dissolution can take a couple of steps to keep these situations from destroying their careers in Ohio.

First, scheduling divorce discussions for times outside of work hours, when possible, is generally a wise move. The problem with tackling divorce issues at work is that concentration on these issues may hamper a person’s ability to focus on work tasks, thus decreasing his or her productivity. In addition, a stressful workday might cause the person to rush through making divorce-related decisions, which may have unintended consequences.

Second, using personal email versus business email to communicate with an attorney may be beneficial, as business email account communication may not remain private. In addition, taking divorce proceeding-related calls at work is practical only if a divorcing individual has access to a private area on the company’s premises. If no private room is available for taking such calls, the individual can still take such calls outside.

Balancing work and family law proceedings involving divorce and dissolution is never easy. However, guidance from an attorney can prove helpful for navigating even the most complicated family law proceedings in Ohio. A family law attorney’s goal when working with a client is to make sure that his or her rights and best interests are ultimately upheld during each phase of the proceeding.