Successful Defense of a $40,000 Attorney’s Fees Award

The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco successfully defended a trial court’s award of $40,000 in attorney’s fees to a mother defending against her ex-husband’s motion to modify.  The parties were subject to a decree that designated Mother as residential parent, setting guidelines for Father’s parenting time.  Four years after the decree was filed, Father filed a Motion to Modify Custody.  Father’s grounds were Mother’s decision to enroll their child in a part-time kindergarten class  instead of a full-time class.  However, one year after Father filed his motion, the trial court entered a final order denying Father’s motion and awarding Mother $40,000 in attorney’s fees.  Father then appealed this order.

Affirmation of Attorney’s Fees Award

Our firm successfully argued that because Father made significantly more money than Mother, interviewed seven witnesses compared to Mother’s two witnesses, flew his accountant in from Florida, and was uncooperative in providing his financial records; he was intentionally trying to cause Mother to incur a significant amount in attorney’s fees.  Ultimately, Mother had to rely on her parents to help with the costs of Father’s motion.  Overall, the Appeals court affirmed the trial courts award of attorney’s fees in the amount of $40,000.

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