Hari K. Sathappan

Associate Attorney

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As an associate at the Law Office of Anthony W. Greco, Hari’s practice focuses on family law, including the areas of divorce, dissolution, custody, post-decree modification, termination of spousal support, child support modification, grandparent’s rights, and appeals.

Hari’s cases are primarily high income, high asset, and involve high conflict. Hari believes that success in these cases is best achieved by building cases with the thought of appeal in mind from the very first meeting. This means building case law, through thorough research, and evidence, through thorough discovery. By having this solid foundation, Hari’s clients are put in a position of strength for negotiations and are able to, hopefully, resolve their cases in their favor without the expense of a full trial. Even if settlement is not an option, this foundation greatly improves the chances of success at trial and beyond.

In family law, success in a single case is rarely the ultimate goal. The results of a case have repercussions that can last a lifetime. Child-related orders, including custody, visitation, and child support, are all modifiable through the child’s emancipation. Hari believes that educating clients on how to deal with and communicate with an ex, in a manner that helps them avoid subsequent rounds of litigation, or puts them in a position where a second round of litigation will begin in their favor is just as important as building and winning an initial case.

This method of handling cases is time and labor intensive as well as emotionally draining, but Hari believes that going all in is necessary to help his client’s achieve their goals. In family law cases, your children, livelihood, and happiness is at stake and there is nothing more important.


Hari is originally from Wheeling, WV, and then St. Clairsville, OH. Hari attended undergrad at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, where he majored in neurology and creative writing. Hari moved to Columbus to attend The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. In law school, Hari served as the Editor-in-Chief of The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law. Before joining the Law Office of Anthony W. Greco, Hari’s legal practice focused on real estate, including ownership disputes over oil, gas, and mineral rights. Currently, Hari and his wife, also an attorney, live in Dublin along with their son and two Shetland sheepdogs.

J.D.|2014| The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law
B.A.|2009| Northwestern University

Associate, Law Office of Anthony W. Greco: March 2016 – Present
Managing Attorney, Law Office of Hari K. Sathappan: October 2015 – March 2016
Associate, Law Office of Gregory W. Hinzey: October 2014 – September 2015
Law Clerk, United States Attorney’s Office: Summer 2012; Summer 2013

Bar Admissions
State of Ohio

Slaying the Synthetic Hydra: Drafting a Controlled Substance Act that Effectively Captures Synthetic Analogues, 11 Ohio St. J. Crim. L. 827 (2014)


“I had been divorced for 2.5 years and my ex-wife and I had a Shared Parenting Plan in place with relatively few issues during that time. However, when my ex made plans to remarry and relocate to her new husband’s residence 45 minutes away, she filed for sole custody of our two minor children. Her plan was to uproot the children from their schools, their friendships, and ultimately remove them from my life. I obviously needed to fight her motion. I contacted the attorney that originally represented me in the divorce case and he explained to me that a father seeking sole legal and physical custody of 2 minor children in the absence of drug abuse, or broken bones, was virtually impossible to win. That was not the answer I wanted to hear and I knew I needed to find an attorney that had the expertise and wherewithal to not only fight the fight, but win it. When I met Tony and Hari, I instantly knew they were the right mixture of expertise, passion and take charge attitude to not only help me win my case, but ensure it was painful enough for my ex that she would never think of coming back to court again. The process took almost 2 years. It was an emotional roller coaster involving two separate Guardian Ad Litems, two separate Parenting Coordinators, two separate counselors for my children and two attorney’s in Tony and Hari that refused to quit. They listened when I needed to vent, they counseled and advised me on both what to do, and what not to do. While I may not have always agreed with their advice/approach….in the end they were always right. They focused in on the Best Interest Factors and ensured every motion/argument was factual and specifically addressed each Factor. They always knew and could predict with uncanny ability what would happen next, and what the magistrate would do. I always felt prepared for what to expect, even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Tony and Hari make an incredible team. They were both always upbeat and positive. Hari was meticulous in his research of case law and his motions were written with perfection. Tony’s presence in the court room was like watching a well-choreographed dance where he was always in the lead. In June of 2018, we finally received the Magistrate’s decision….I won sole legal and physical custody of my two children. My ex-wife was ordered to pay child support and has zero decision making authority over my children. I will be forever grateful to this law firm for helping this Dad win the fight.” – DF, Google Review


“I hired this law firm after searching through a number of different family law attorneys online. The reviews were the reason I contact Anthony Greco to sit down and discuss my situation. After meeting with Tony and Hari, I moved forward with modifying my custody arrangement with my ex wife. Hari did the majority of my case, and Tony helped with various parts towards the end. Throughout the entire case I was kept informed, and updated on any progress we made. My ex wife and her attorney lied more than even I expected for 13 months, but everything came together in the end. They didn’t have to resort to lies or nasty tactics to achieve results, which is one of the things that really stood out to me. Lets just say lies and nasty tactics don’t work when you have an attorney that can counter every single attempt with experience and knowledge. I questioned a lot of things, doubted a lot, and made things more difficult on my attorneys than it should have been. Those mistakes were completely my fault as I stressed about things that didn’t need to be stressed about. Hari/Tony were upfront about my mistakes, and helped me get through anything stressful. They even “fixed” some mistakes I made towards the end when I got impatient. They were not only interested in me winning, they believed in me as they knew that the kids were in a much better place with me. They were upfront with what challenges I will encounter, and were prepared for those challenges when they came up. I would highly, recommend The Law Offices of Anthony Greco for any custody matter. I’ve had experience with lesser attorneys. I’ve seen lesser attorneys make mistakes that cost their clients. Those mistakes end up costing a lot more in the long run than having an attorney who is experienced, and knows the path to getting things done.

Thank you Hari. Thank you Tony. You are appreciated in so many ways. I know I was all over the place the last year, but you guys were the reason I got through it. I really couldn’t have done this without you.

Update: I just got a call from Tony to check on how I was doing and to give me some good news. Tony, that really shows you’re the person I thought you were. Truly a class act. I hope you get to read this, but I truly appreciate you guys.” – CA, Google Review


“I came to Anthony a year and a half ago scared and in need of help. The fear of a needing to start litigation to help my kids was very intimidating but needed to be done. The parenting arrangement with my ex needed to change out of concern for my daughters. The case took what seemed like forever and seemed to take many twists and turns. Due to Anthony’s aggressive approach we were able to get my ex on an alcohol testing program and were also able to expose other unbelievable behavior my ex was engaging in. Over the course of the case my time with my daughters significantly increased and they now attend school where I live. At every turn Anthony and Hari seemed were steps ahead of my ex’s attorney. They handled the case very effectively and treated me with compassion throughout the process. They were always very responsive to my concerns even on nights and weekends. They genuinely cared for the outcome for me and my girls. Ultimately I left with everything I wanted including custody. This was all the result of the great representation I had with Anthony and Hari. They simply produce results. After a few years of turmoil leading up to an almost year and a half court battle my girls and I now have our lives back. If you’ve got a difficult case this is who you want representing you.” – SW, Google Review


“Picking any attorney, is always a gamble, even with as many amazing reviews as Anthony’s. My husband is the paternal parent so the odds are already against us. I have never met Anthony and Hari, but for 13 months, I was 100% in the loop with every process, emails, etc. Anthony and his team are amazing with communication. They kept us at ease throughout this emotional time. Best part about Anthony and his team is complete honesty, and that’s extremely hard to come by. Thanks to their hard work and guidance, we achieved the result that we need for the best interest of our children. I’m so glad that we went with our gut feelings and chose his firm to represent us. My husband and I are forever grateful.”

– VA, Google Review


“My wife and I had to continually fend off her ex-husband who is very vindictive. He made physical threats and has always been verbally as well as was physically abusive at times. After her 5 year protection order was over, he decided to cause all sorts of problems for her and our kids again.

I again decided to use Tony’s services and AGAIN…got the outcome we needed. The baseless contempt charge which her ex had brought was thrown out and our kids are now protected for the rest of their childhood. We are extremely grateful for Tony and his staff, especially Hari who went with us to court.

If you want the job done right the first time, if you’re serious about putting an end to harassment once and for all….CALL TONY and his staff. They are all highly qualified as we experienced first hand. We had decided to use Tony’s services again because the small, local court we had to work with had lawyers that knew each other and we didn’t think we’d get the optimum results desired. On our first talk with Tony, I was instantly reminded why we needed his services.

Worth every penny BOTH times. Call them first and you won’t call anyone else.” – WP, Google Review