Grandparent Rights in Ohio – Yes They Do Exist – Custody and Visitation

Grandparent Rights in Ohio.  One of the most common questions our office receives involves Grandparent Rights when a grandparent is concerned about their grandchild’s well being.  Grandparents do have legal rights in OhioGrandparents rights’ include both, custody or grandparent visitation.  That is why it is absolutely critical to consult with an attorney who has extensive experience in actually successfully representing individuals in Grandparent Rights cases, who actually have received Grandparent Rights’, whether it is Custody of their grandchildren, or regular visitation. Choosing the right attorney who is willing to fight for the Grandparent’s Rights, while providing counsel and advise in an understandable, practical and effective manner, is often times the difference between success and failure.

Our firm has successfully represented grandparents in various counties throughout the Central Ohio area in obtaining permanent full custody, temporary full custody, as well as visitation.  Also, there other types options which include legal agreements where the grandparents work with the parents of the children, where the grandparents will “temporarily” take over parenting responsibilities while the parents “get their act together”, so that the parents can return to the primary care providers for the minor children at some point in the future.  These types of agreements generally come in the form of Court Orders that are specifically tailored to each specific case.

Grandparent Rights In Ohio – How to File for Custody

On the issue of Grandparent Rights involving Custody of the child, a Grandparent may file a Complaint or Motion for Custody, however, generally, the Court will not give the Grandparent Custody unless it can be proven that both parents are unfit  also referred to as “unsuitable”.  If the Grandparent is able to prove to the Court that both parents are unfit or unsuitable, then the second element the Grandparent needs to demonstrate is that it is also in the “best interests” of the minor child that they be placed in the custody of the grandparent.

While these types of cases can be difficult and costly, both emotionally and financially, Ohio law does allow Grandparents rights to both custody and visitation,  however, it is extremely important for any Grandparent, who is seeking Custody of their grandchildren, to obtain experienced, aggressive and practical advise from an attorney.  As situations which give rise to Grandparent Custody cases sometimes involve Children’s Services, professional legal assistance is extremely useful when dealing with caseworker’s and supervisor’s from the local county Children’s Services.  It is also important for any Grandparent seeking Custody to act quickly, as soon as a  situation arises where they believe that they need to obtain Custody of their grandchildren.

Grandparents Rights – Visitation

Under Ohio law, a Court can award Visitation Rights to a Grandparent during or after a domestic relations proceeding if, the Grandparent has an interest in the welfare of the grandchild, and if Visitation is in the grandchild’s “best interests”. Ohio law authorizes Grandparent Visitation Rights by statute in three circumstances: (1) when married parents terminate their marriage or separate, (2) when a parent of a child is deceased, and (3) when the child is born to an unmarried woman. In such cases, a court may order reasonable Visitation if it is in the “best interest” of the child.  In addition, Grandparents may file a Motion for Visitation in a Divorce case at any time, even after the Divorce has been granted, asking the Court to award them their own Visitation schedule with their grandchildren.

The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco is committed to providing each and every Client with professional, aggressive and practical representation, while being sensitive to the Client’s unique concerns and goals. With more than 20 years of experience, our firm is equipped to deal with all issues involved in a Grandparent’s Rights case.  The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco is prepared to aggressively represent its Clients’ concerns and interests from the first day of representation through trial.

Also some interesting facts about Grandparents raising their grandchildren:

3 percent of American households include both grandparents and grandchildren

10 percent of all U.S. children live with a grandparent

2.7 million American grandparents are the primary caregivers for their grandchildren

104,880 Ohio grandparents are responsible for the care of live-in grandchildren

21 percent of Ohio grandparents caring for grandchildren lived in poverty in 2011

8,000 children in Lucas County who have grandparents acting as their primary caregivers

Sources: AARP, U.S. Census Bureau

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Grandparent Rights in Ohio – YES – They Do Exist !

Grandparent Rights
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