Drug Offenses

At the Law Office of Anthony W. Greco, we understand the stress and life altering circumstances that individuals and families often deal with when facing the issue of being accused of committing a crime involving drugs and drug offenses.  That is why it is important to have an attorney who has extensive experience in these types of criminal law matters, who can provide counsel and advise in an understandable, practical and effective manner.

In Ohio, anyone being charged with drug offenses can face many different types of sanctions depending on the specific charge, including but not limited to, imprisonment, fines, forfeiture of money andor property, suspension of driver’s license, and probation.  It is absolutely critical that before any statements are made by the accused, that they receive experienced legal counsel and advice.

The Law Office of Anthony W. Greco is committed to providing each and every Client with professional, aggressive and practical representation, while being sensitive to the Client’s unique concerns and goals. Since 1993, our firm has successfully defended people charged with a wide range of drug offenses.  From the complex, drug trafficking and conspiracy cases to simple possession, The Law Office of Anthony Greco is prepared to aggressively represent its Clients’ concerns and interests when dealing with drug offenses from the first day of representation through trial.