Business Litigation

Business Litigation
Poised and methodical representation is needed for business litigation in cases including breach of contract, contract compliance, breach of fiduciary duty, piercing the corporate veil, company freeze-outs, breach of license agreement, wrongful interference with a business relationship, the filing of mechanic or construction liens, construction disputes, and entertainment law disputes to name a few. Read More

There must be two or more owners in a business partnership seeking to make a profit. Income and losses pass through to partners for federal tax purposes even though the entity itself reports them. Read More

Limited Partnership
A limited partnership, which is substantially similar to a partnership — see Partnership — has two or more owners seeking to make a profit but also has one general partner who is personally liable for partnership debts. Read More

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
 A limited liability partnership, which is substantially similar to a partnership — see Partnership — provides protection to all partners from personal liability. Thus, the limited liability status protects partners from personal liability for acts of other partners. Read More

The S-corporation, which requires the consent of all shareholders, is an entity that is treated as a flow-through entity, which means that the corporate income, losses, deductions and credit pass through to the shareholders for federal tax purposes. S-corporation provides for easier income shifting and passive income generation. Read More

Employment Agreements
Whether you are an employer or an employee, employment agreements are often the difference between needing to file a lawsuit to terminate the employment relationship, and avoiding legal costs and delays, or being dragged into cumbersome, long and expensive litigation process. Read More

Buy-Sell Agreements
Whether you are the partner or member selling an interest in the company, or you are the company purchasing a partner’s or member’s interest in the company, The Law Office of Anthony Greco will take the time to analyze the nuances of the buy-sell agreement, advice you of your rights, and aggressively represent you considering your bargaining position, leverage, value, and any financial issues. Read More

Purchase or Sale of Business
Whether you are the purchaser or the seller of a business, an individual or a company must carefully consider each party’s bargaining position, leverage in negotiations, valuation projections, and any financing issues. Read More